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Mud, Blood, & Glory

 Mud, Blood, & Glory

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Mud, Blood, & Glory is a tabletop role playing game set in the American west in the 1880s. It is designed from the ground up to be accessible and inviting to players of all experience levels. With Mud, Blood, & Glory, anyone can sit down and get started in minutes — no experience required. Form a posse, saddle up, and hit the trail! 

Mud, Blood, & Glory is designed for 3 - 8 people to play. Most players will take on the role of outlaws, brigands, and bandits of the old west. One person will be the game master who will create the world and curate the narrative experience for the players. 


 We want to make games that everyone can enjoy, no matter their experience level or play style. We want people to feel like they can sit down and play a tabletop role playing game without having to ask someone else or look up a guide online for explanation. 

This philosophy guided our design of Mud, Blood, & Glory. Every rule and aspect of the game was designed so that someone brand new to the world of tabletop gaming would find it approachable. This means we wrote the rules in simple language, without using terms that are specific to tabletop gaming culture — even then, we included a glossary to define any terms we thought could be confusing. If you forget a rule or choose to leave one out, Mud, Blood, & Glory will still be fun and playable.

Our Design Philosophy:

  • Make it simple

  • Make it approachable

  • Make it fun


 Mud, Blood, & Glory takes place during the early 1880s: a time of great change in the American west. The frontier is being reigned in by the railroad, distant communities are being connected by telegraph, and great wealth is being discovered and extracted from the land. Folks of all kinds see the western expanse as a land of opportunity — a chance to earn a decent, honest living away from the newly industrialized cities of the east.

Other folks felt the confines of lawful living were too restrictive of their dreams. These ordinary people forged new identities and became the legendary figures of western lore. Belle Star, Billy the Kid, the Wild Bunch, and more like them struck out against the laws of the land and took the riches of others for themselves. You will play as one of these outlaws: will you be a slick gunslinger, a smooth talker with a heart of gold, a calculating mastermind, a rugged survivalist, or something more? Do you have what it takes to live and die in infamy?

 The handbook has the basic rules, the advanced rules, the game master guide, a starter adventure, and the character sheets. Everything you need, all in one spot. The handbook also includes all of the items, weapons, animals, vehicles, and anything else you might come across during your adventures.

Both rulesets provide easy to understand explanations of how everything in Mud, Blood, & Glory works from character creation to combat to wilderness survival. 

The game master guide provides everything a game master needs to get started. This includes templates for baddies and non-player characters, as well as useful tips, how-to’s, and walkthroughs for some of the more challenging aspects of running any tabletop game.

At the end of the game master’s section is a starter adventure to get your game going and give you a good look at how to build your own adventure in Mud, Blood, & Glory. Brand new players and game masters can sit down, create characters in just minutes, and use the starter adventure to get playing right away.

In this handbook:

  • Character Creation Guide and Character Sheets

  • Basic Rules

  • Advanced Rules

  • Game Master Guide

  • Starter Adventure

  • All of the items, animals, vehicles, and materials you need

Mud, Blood, & Glory has easy to use character creation and progression systems that keep the focus on role play and narrative game experience, while still giving players enough material to really flesh out their characters. Mud, Blood, & Glory uses a set of polyhedral dice to handle all of the rolls, but keeps the modifiers simple and makes tracking character stats a breeze. 

 The handbook provides a set of basic rules and a series of advanced rules. The basic rules are everything you need to play a full, thrilling game of Mud, Blood, & Glory. They are great for new players and game masters to get their bearings, for seasoned players to sit back and enjoy the role play, or to just get a quick game going in minutes. 

The advanced rules provide more intricacy and challenge for folks who are looking to turn up the heat. All of the advanced rules work independently and with one another, so you can pick and choose which advanced rulesets fit your style. You can even add and remove rulesets part way through an adventure to fine tune your experience.

Every ruleset in the advanced rules builds off of the basic rules and works alone or in conjunction with any other advanced ruleset. If your group is looking for a tough adventure of wilderness survival, use the Survival, Weather, and Conditions rulesets to enhance the experience. If you want a tactical combat experience, add on the Advanced Combat and Inventory rules. Or, if you want to experience everything the west has to offer, go all out and use every advanced ruleset.

  • The basic rules are great for new players and game masters, seasoned players looking for more role play, and quick games.

  • The advanced rules add levels challenge and intricacy for experienced players.

  • Mix & match rulesets to fit your style.

 Just like everything else in the game, the progression system in Black Hats is designed to be simple and easy to use. As players make their way through the adventure and role play, the game master gives them Experience. That Experience can be spent to unlock Exploits that give players new abilities, enhance existing abilities, or add to the player’s role play. As players become more infamous by making a name for themselves and their posse, their Notoriety Level increases, unlocking new Exploits for purchase.

  • 11 Notoriety Levels - Go from a Drifter to Most Wanted

  • 100+ Exploits to Unlock - Pick and choose abilities that fit your character and your taste

  • Easy to Understand Progression - Outlaws don't do paperwork

This progression system has no classes and does not require the players to make any decisions about their long-term character build before they start playing. This keeps character creation simple and approachable for players new to tabletop gaming and Black Hats. The leveling system lets characters grow and evolve as the players get more comfortable with the game. It will also keep players entertained, and get them excited to make new character builds over multiple adventures. 

We are only interested in shipping you a well made, lovingly crafted handbook. The Mud, Blood, & Glory handbook will be a hardcover, 8.5" by 11" book, with full color, glossy pages printed using offset printing — the industry standard for high quality games.